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I have tried about a hundred different hair products and have found these to be the absolute best for me, and for getting my naturally curly hair really straight or for getting those big loose curls we all crave for. My routine is easy and only has 5 steps to it. I hope you try it out!
Step 2: Run Kerastase Elixir (helps with frizz) and Thermique (heat protectant) through hair with your hands. 
Step 3: Blow dry hair on medium heat setting. Run your fingers through hair. The trick to a great blow out is to get your hair about 75% dry before ever using a brush. I use an Elchim hair dryer. Once hair is fairly dry, section off your hair and begin working the round brush through your hair one section at a time, starting at the root of each section. Work your way around your hair. 
Step 4: I have 2 ways that I like to curl my hair. My favorite is twisting the round brush around my ends and heat setting it with my hair dryer. I will occasionally use a curling iron. When I do use a curling iron I use a Chi 1.5 inch curling iron
Step 5: Use a good amount of hairspray. I have tested many different hairsprays and my favorite at the moment is the Living Proof flex hairspray
Thanks so much for reading, and have a wonderful weekend! 
xo, Deanie 
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