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baby bump
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Skirt: Riller & Fount (similar here) | Tank: Vince | Necklace: old (similar here and here) | Dress: Elizabeth & James | Lips: Chanel lipstick in “Intime” with Chanel lipgloss in “Icing”

Jordan’s Shirt: Ralph Lauren | Jeans: 7 FAM 


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are having a wonderful MLK day. I cannot believe that in just a little over 2 short months my sweet baby boy is going to be 2!! I have been reminiscing a lot about these past 2 years, and reflecting on all of the joy Charlie brings to our lives! He is growing into such a determined little boy, and is definitely not a baby anymore. But he just keeps getting more and more fun, and being his momma gets even better as he grows. So this week I wanted to share some of my favorite images from my maternity photo session, Charlie’s newborn session, and his first year photos. As well as share highlights from my pregnancy, document Charlie’s birth story and milestones on the blog.

Today I’m sharing the maternity images, which are still some of my favorite photos of Jordan and I. It is so bittersweet to remember those last few weeks when it was just the two of us right before we welcomed our sweet baby boy into the world. I am so glad that we took the time to have these photos taken, I will cherish them forever! I have a few of them framed in Charlie’s bedroom and whenever I see them I actually long to be pregnant again.

I had a pretty easy pregnancy with Charlie. Things were routine and I felt pretty good. It is not easy to see your body go through the enormous changes that come with pregnancy, but I knew that it was all worth it for this amazing little being that was growing and developing inside of me.

A few fun facts about my pregnancy:

  1. I instantly knew that I was pregnant. We had been trying for a few months so I was super aware of my cycles and my body. And I could just “tell”.

2. I hadn’t eaten any beef or pork for about 2 years before getting pregnant and literally all that I craved when I was pregnant was steak, corned beef and hamburgers. I also craved chocolate shakes like no tomorrow. And yes, I did indulge in those cravings.

3. While I was pregnant I read a lot of books on baby development inside the womb and on parenting. Each week before bed I would read out loud to Jordan about the developmental changes and growth that was happening to our little babe.

4. I was positive that we were having a girl. I’m one of three girls (no brothers) and both of my mom and dad have sisters but no brothers. I was so overwhelmed when we first found out that we were having a boy. But honestly, I could not be happier with my boy!

5. Jordan and I actually agreed on a name easily. He is named after both of our dads which we really love.

I’m so glad I have this little space to have these memories written down. You can see more of the photos from our maternity session on our photographer Erin’s blog here.

Check back later in the week to see his newborn photos and to read about his birth story.

Xo, Deanie

Photos by Erin Woolsey

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