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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Happy Friday!! Woohoo!! I am more than ready for some R&R this weekend. Josh has been a the walking definition of the terrible twos lately, and this week was particularly rough. I think he was upset that my dad left after staying with us for a week, and Jordan also had a business trip and left town again after being home for only one night. And who did Josh take it out on…me. Aside from Charlie’s t-ball game tomorrow, I am hoping for a chance at some “me time” this weekend. It is Mother’s Day weekend after all ūüėČ

My mom and I celebrated Mother’s Day earlier in the week while she was in town. We did what we do best, lunched and shopped. I can’t wait to show you the dresses that I got from our little shopping excursion! They are some of my very favorite dresses. It’s always so much fun to have some mother/daughter time. My mom is a pure perfect example of what kind of mom I strive to be. She has always put my sisters and I ahead of herself. She is health, strength, love, inspiration and selflessness all rolled into one beautiful momma!

¬†Here is a round up of some super fab gift ideas for Mother’s Day. I personally love to give and receive gifts that are pampering and bit luxurious. Things that people would not typically buy for themselves. This Bose speaker is perfect for dance parties with the kiddos. I could seriously live in my Plum Pretty Sugar robe, or any robe. I recently switched to the T3 hair dryer and flat iron and am loving them both…and this purple color is so cute and screams happy Mother’s Day. I’m a bit embarrassed to say that the recipes that I have are a disastrous scattered mess, and I’m in need of a cute recipe box like this one from Rifle Paper Co. to help corral everything into one organized spot. I am dying to try this mask from La Mer…that would be pure pampering right there.

I would love to hear what you are giving the women in your life for Mother’s Day.

Happy weekend, and a very happy Mother’s Day to all of you mommies!!

Xo, Deanie




Samuel Alexander Yuska a birth storySamuel Alexander Yuska a birth storySamuel Alexander Yuska a birth storySamuel Alexander Yuska a birth storySamuel Alexander Yuska a birth storySamuel Alexander Yuska a birth storySamuel Alexander Yuska a birth storySamuel Alexander Yuska a birth storySamuel Alexander Yuska a birth storySamuel Alexander Yuska a birth storySamuel Alexander Yuska a birth storySamuel Alexander Yuska a birth storySamuel Alexander Yuska a birth story


With so much love and joy in my heart I am SO excited to (finally!!) introduce you all to baby Sam! I decided to wait until after his birth announcements were mailed to our closest friends and family before sharing these photos on the blog. But it was so hard to do!! I have been looking forward to sharing his birth story and newborn photos ever since he was born on December 1st, 2016.

Our sweet third baby boy was born on Thursday, December 1st, 2016. Jordan and I arrived at the hospital at 7:00am for my scheduled induction. Due to high blood pressure I was induced with all three boys. I remember when I checked into the hospital with Charlie (my first baby) I was shaking uncontrollably I was so scared. With Josh (my second son) I was nervous but knew how I wanted my labor to go and was prepared to communicate it with the labor and delivery nurse. And then with Sam (third time around) I came ready and raring to go! It is such a surreal moment to walk into the hospital and know that you will be leaving with a new little life.

After getting me all checked in, my nurse started my pitocin around 9:00am. My doctor came by around 10:00am and attempted to break my water. Unfortunately it was an unsuccessful first attempt, and when she came to check on me a few hours later she had to try again. Luckily this time she was able to get it. And that was when things really got under way. With all three boys I didn’t want to have an epidural too early, not for fear that it would wear off but because I wanted to feel contractions. I also hate (HATE!!) having an epidural. Jordan laughs at me (and the nurses must all roll their eyes at me) because I don’t want to be in excruciating pain but I also want to still have feeling in and control over my body. Once my water was broken the contractions started becoming more regular and much more intense. I literally made it to 5cm dilated with all three kids before asking for the epidural. At 2pm I got my epidural and at 4:30pm the nurse called my doctor and started to prep the room for delivery.

With Charlie I was so numb from the epidural that I had to push for three hours (yikes!), with Josh we did a practice push and he came flying out (haha!) and with Sam his positioning meant that I would push more than just once like with Josh but I also had enough feeling and control in my body that it only took a few rounds of pushes and 20 minutes later there he was!!!

 Right away he was put up on onto my chest. There is nothing sweeter than that first moment of skin to skin. I instantly fell madly in love with this new little human that Jordan and I created together. We named him Samuel Alexander after two of my Great-Grandpas.

I am very fortunate that my body responds well to being induced, and that I was able to have all three boys vaginally and without insanely long labors. The rest of the night I nursed him, continued doing skin to skin, chowed down on Maggiano’s take out (I was hungry!), and kept smelling his sweet little head.

His big¬†brothers came to the hospital the next morning to meet their new baby bro. There’s a really adorable photo on my Instagram of Charlie and Josh seeing Sam for the first time…Josh’s expression is so priceless!

To my sweet Samuel, mommy loves you to the moon and back.

xo, Deanie

Samuel Alexander Yuska
December 1, 2016
Born at 5:23pm
Weighing 7 pounds 0.2 ounces
19 inches
Photos by Cristy Angulo 

Baby Boy #3


Top: Nordstrom | Skirt: Joanna August | Necklace: Kendra Scott

Charlie’s¬†jeans: 7Fam¬†| Charlie’s sweater: Ralph Lauren (on sale!)

Josh’s jeans: 7Fam¬†| Josh’s shirt: Ralph Lauren


While counting down to baby boy number three, we had family photos taken two weeks before his arrival to document our last days as a family of 4! With the birth of each of our kids I found it important and really special to have maternity photos taken, to both remember my baby bump and to have family memories along the way as our family has grown from just Jordan and I to now a family of 5!

Along with sharing the images from our maternity session, I thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about this pregnancy.

How I found out I was pregnant: Right after Josh turned 1 last January getting pregnant and having another baby was not really on my mind. I was actually a bit excited about putting the baby stage behind us. After-all I had just finished breastfeeding Josh when he turned 1 and I had only had a few cycles. In April while I was out with some girlfriends for girls night out I was sure my cycle was about to start. A few days had past and nothing. At first I did not think too much of it…possibly still not regular after having Josh, plus I was so busy with two kiddos that I really did not have time to think much about it or even realize how late I actually was. Then suddenly I just had that feeling and instantly knew I was pregnant. Charlie was off of school for spring break and Jordan was out of town on a business trip. I was going to wait it out until the next day to take a pregnancy test but I just knew, and decided to take a test that evening.¬†For some reason the boys and I had a day of doubles…everything we did in the morning we also did again in the afternoon after Josh’s nap (i.e – went to the park twice, had to make two trips to the post office, etc…). So of course I was going to get not one but two pink lines on the pregnancy test! I’m just relieved that the day of doubles did not mean that I was pregnant with twins.

How I told Jordan: When I found out that I was pregnant with Charlie Jordan was just returning home from a business trip that evening. I got a card for him and had the card waiting for him along a drink when he got home. Charlie and I made a handmade card for him when I found out I was pregnant with Josh and again had a drink waiting for him. So it was only fitting that when I found out that I was pregnant with Sam that the boys and I made him a card and had a drink waiting for him.

Best part of the first trimester: Hearing his little heartbeat for the first time. Telling our families. They were shocked! And finding out we were having a third boy!!!

Worst part of the first trimester: Nausea and being SO tired.

First trimester cravings: BAGELS! All day every day.

Best part of the second trimester: The growing baby bump, finally being able to share the news with friends and starting to feel kicks.

Worst part of the second trimester: Being SO tired still. I did not feel energetic again until well into the second trimester this time around.

Second trimster cravings: Fish, movie theater popcorn, and bagels still.

Best part of the third¬†trimester: Feeling Sam’s kicks and movements.

Worst part of the third trimester: Being tired and high blood pressure.

Third trimster cravings: Peanut butter , movie theater popcorn, and you guessed it still craved bagels too.

How this pregnancy differed from my other two:¬†With Charlie I craved a lot of red meat (steak, corned beef, etc…). ¬†With Josh I craved chocolate shakes and turkey sandwiches. I gained the same amount of weight with all three. With Charlie and especially with Josh I broke out a lot during pregnancy with them. With Sam I had very few and very minor break outs and finally felt like I had that pregnant glow.

What Charlie wanted to name his new baby brother: Blueberry Pizza.

¬†We are beyond blessed to have a third healthy baby boy, and I can’t wait to finally share his newborn photos with you all!

xo, Deanie

Photos by Erin Woolsey






Dress: Alice + Olivia | Shoes: Michael Kors

I’m SO excited to finally share some very exciting news!!! As you can see from these photos, we are expecting baby number three!!! This little babe (who is kicking up a storm) was a pleasant surprise. After having Josh I was ready for baby number three… that is until Josh got mobile. But even after his first birthday I still¬†thought I would want a third eventually (and sooner rather than later). Right when I got comfortable and content with our family of four, we found out I’m pregnant with this little one.

We are absolutely thrilled and feel so blessed to be adding another kiddo to our family! I am one of three and I’m excited for our kids to have multiple siblings. Our kids have yet to have any cousins, so it’s up to us to have a big family. And I’m definitely excited for our family to be big. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous about how close in age Josh and the baby will be and about Jordan and I being out numbered by our kids. Three kids under the age of five seems crazy to me right now, but I know they will be the best of friends and that it will all be worth it.

It’s crazy to think that just two years ago I was pregnant with Josh and now I’m pregnant again. We can’t wait to meet this sweet baby who is already so loved and incredibly lucky to have the two best big brothers! The baby (my baby bump) gets tons of kisses and high fives, and the occasional nudge, from big bros!



Photos by Allen Tsai Photography


pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch
 pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch
My outfit: J.Crew sweater, Current & Elliott jeans, Gap jean jacket, Hunter boots
Charlie’s outfit: Ralph Lauren polo and shorts | Josh’s outfit: Ralph Lauren polo and jeans
October is one of the best times of the year…the beautiful colors, cooler weather, heartier meals, Halloween and of course fall clothes. We have been trying to get out as much as possible and enjoy the fall in between school, parties and naps. One of our favorite activities was visiting the pumpkin patch as a family! Charlie searched and searched until he found the most perfect pumpkins (according to him of course). If it were up to him those pumpkins would stay inside the house with him. I hope you have a wonderful Friday and a happy and safe Halloween tomorrow!
xo, Deanie