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Holiday Gifts for Kids

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Yay it’s Friday y’all!! Who else felt like this was a long week?! I mentioned yesterday that the kids and I have colds…lots of extra kiddo snuggles but also lots of extra grumpies too. You may have seen on my Instagram stories this week that we celebrate both Hanukah and Christmas. Hanukah started on Tuesday night, so our gift giving has already begun! We give the kids one small gift for each of the eight nights of Hanukah. Small toys, race cars, stuffed animals, candy, books, pajamas, slippers, puzzles. Then on Christmas they get their larger (more expensive) gifts.

Today I want to share some of my favorite gifts for the kids. When it comes to finding the perfect gifts for the kiddos I like to try and stick to three categories; a want, a need and an educational. Charlie has been telling us he really wants this “watch”. He “needs” a new bike since he’s outgrown his current one and it is being passed down to Josh now. And I’ve heard really great things about Osmo, this amazing educational gaming system that is hands-on.

Josh wants race cars and Paw Patrol toys. There’s not much that Josh “needs” since he’s a second child, but he could use some new jeans, sweatshirts and boots since the seasons are slightly off between when Charlie was in 3T/4T size and when Josh is. And I think a new ride on toy would be really fun for him since he loves them.

All three of my kids love puzzles, so I ordered a few of these puzzles with family photos on them. How fun is that!! I’m so excited for the kids to see them! In general, I love to find items for the kids that are something other than the typical plastic toys. And I like to indulge their want item(s) but also get item(s) that are practical and that will last them longer than just until the new “it” toy comes out.

I love the magic of the holidays, especially experiencing holidays with the kids. I’m looking forward to the next five nights of Hanukah and to Christmas with my three lil dudes. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy holiday shopping!!

Xo, Deanie



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